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Research at IPM

Schneider lab - Research focus

The AG Schneider studies the bacterial cell envelope as a target for (new) antibiotics. Much of our current research focuses on the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of action and resistance of (new) antibiotics and the identification & characterization of novel antibacterial targets. Pivotal to these efforts is to understand the biology beyond a given target as well as its integration into the cellular network

Henrichfreise lab - Research focus

Peptidoglycan biosynthesis in cell wall-lacking bacteria: For the obligate intracellular Chlamydiaceae, there is no need to resist osmotic challenges. Thus the genomically-reduced pathogens lack a cell wall. Nevertheless, Chlamydiaceae synthesize peptidoglycan at certain locations and times during their biphasic life cycle to control immune modulation and to support cell division. During the unusual process of chlamydial cell division asymmetric cell poles mature into two equally sized daughter cells separated by a septum which contains a short-lived peptidoglycan ring. Moreover, the cell wall-targeting penicillin does not kill Chlamydiaceae but blocks cell division and induces reversible persistence. The underlying mechanisms of these phenomena are not fully understood.

Grein lab - Research focus

Bacterial Interference: Within the DZIF research group “Bacterial Interference”, we exploit the human gut microbiome as a source for novel decolonization agents. Advanced cultivation techniques such as co-cultivation of several bacteria or supplying bacteria with growth factors, in particular under anaerobic conditions, are applied to exploit this resource for novel compounds. Impact of antibiotics on the spatio-temporal organization of the cell wall biosynthesis machinery: Within the transregional collaborative research center TRR 261 “ANTIBIOTIC CellMAP”, we study the impact of antibiotics on the spatio-temporal organization of the cell wall biosynthesis machinery together with the group of U. Kubitscheck (Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry).

Müller lab - Research focus

  • “Novel points of attack” – Exploiting capsule biosynthesis in Streptococcus pneumoniae for antibacterial treatment
  • Modulation of cell envelope biosynthesis processes by glycopeptide antibiotics
  • Mechanism of action analyses of novel cell wall active compounds

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